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As the use of commercial airlines becomes more tedious with delays, cancellations and airport security appearing to increase every time you fly, no wonder that so many business people now have access to their own private jet

Even in an economic downturn the benefits of private jet travel still stack up. Do your business executives need to travel frequently between foreign sites maybe more than one in a day? If travelling with colleges do you want them to discuss sensitive company strategies in highly public places? Is their time being wasted with continuing airport delays?Against this background the purchase of a company jet, expensive as it may first appear, may well begin to look like a realistic alternative.

Additionally if your people can be brought back the same day then overnight hotel expenses will been saved too. The convenience of leaving when you want, going anywhere you decide and returning under your own conditions are truly strong arguments for private jet ownership. Added to this is the increased security that comes with flying into or out from the many executive airports around the globe. Passengers on small private jets are unusually known to each other so by definition are not a threat.

Such airports are small and discreet with none of the layers of bureaucracy you find in their larger international cousins. Often you do not have to park miles from the terminal either eliminating the fight through the crowded terminals. Therefore you can usually arrive close to your take off time. In some cases you may be able to be driven right up to your aircraft. If you or your business has decided to look for a private jet for sale or for charter then you have a lot of options and need to prepare well.

It could be said that buying a private jet plane is a lot like purchasing a motor car, well at least an expensive one at least. Certainly the process is similar as the options to buy, lease or rent are available to each scenario but obviously the costs and particularly the running costs are vastly different. Financing a private jet is a very complex affair and you need to discuss every issue well beyond where you would stop with most other purchases. The justification for buying a private jet outright is also something you will have to consider otherwise the investment will never payback. You need to ask yourself how it will be used.

Its generally accepted that unless you or your people are actually going to be in the air for at least 400 to 450 hours a year then the option to buy will not be sensible – unless of course money is no object. Flying less than this will open up the options for fractional ownership where you own a share of the aircraft with several others, contributing to the cost this way will be far less expensive.

However clearly you will not have the flexibility of flying whenever you like as there will be others to consider. The final option is to charter a private jet whenever you need one and the choices here are vast as the market for this service has increased exponentially over the last few years. When looking for a private jet for sale you need to consider the associated costs. Apart for the price tag of the aircraft easily around $5 million to $50 million you have to think about the running costs. What about fuel, insurance, maintenance and of course the hire of pilots?

Flying range will be an important factor too. Light jets will fly five to eight passengers around 3500km. Midsize private jets will be good for up to around 5000km and carry around nine people while large executive jets will carry twelve passengers around 6500km. So while on the face of it private jets appear expensive actually they are becoming more economical even when compared with commercial airlines. Here at ‘Private Jet For Sale’ we hope that you will find all the information you will need to come to an informed decision as to owning your own jet aircraft. Good Luck!

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